Quantum's Mirrors

This is a mirror service in Toronto, Canada for some software I either use or think would prove useful to other people.


My mirrors can be accessed under:

This server should be able to handle at least 1 Gbps if necessary and achieve decent latency to most of the eastern half of North America. However, please use this service responsibly to ensure a good experience for all users.

To reduce server load, please use plaintext HTTP if there is signature validation in your client.


Mirror Protocols Last sync (UTC) Size
archlinux (doc) http rsync 2024-07-22 19:50:01 102.6 GB
bird2 http rsync 2024-07-22 04:09:07 282.0 MB
CTAN http rsync 2024-07-22 10:44:56 60.0 GB
kali-images http rsync 2024-07-22 12:20:02 185.3 GB
knot-dns http rsync 2024-07-22 14:48:16 5.4 GB
knot-resolver http rsync 2024-07-22 08:43:03 758.1 MB
tdf http rsync 2024-07-22 16:32:04 32.8 GB
termux (doc) http rsync 2024-07-22 16:10:30 29.2 GB
ubuntu-releases http rsync 2024-07-22 16:12:01 42.8 GB

Support me

Unfortunately, hosting this service isn't free. If you would like to help me offset the costs, feel free to send some money my way on:

Contact me

If you are experiencing any issues with this service, you can contact me at: